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tookish_girl [userpic]
by tookish_girl (tookish_girl)
at August 26th, 2006 (08:53 pm)

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ok i am going to do something i have never done before: post a chapter without actually having written it down in my notebook first! hope it turns out okay. let me know what you think!
disclaimer: i don't own anything worth having yet but someday i will!

chapter two of "the splinter"

Adrian lingered near the top of the staircase. Natalie turned around to see him dithering on the next to last step from the top. She sighed.

"Are there thirteen steps?" she asked impatiently, knowing the answer.

"Thirteen steps." he whispered, trying to think of a way to get around the offending stair.

"Here, Mr. Monk. Skip the last one." Natalie held out her hand to help him climb over the offending step.
He hesitated for a few seconds, as she knew he would, and decided to take hold of her bare hand with his. Natalie steadied herself as Adrian held his breath and reached for her hand.

In one smooth movement, they were no more than two inches apart on the cramped landing. Natalie felt Adrian freeze. He couldn't step back from her because of the thirteenth stair, so it was up to her to let him off the hook and step back first. They were this close to each other side by side all the time, but somehow being face to face put a whole new spin on things; they were having trouble keeping eye contact. She decided not to torture him for too long and took a small sidestep. Then she pulled a wet wipe out of her purse to give him, thinking he would surely want one, but he ignored it and managed to slide past without touching her into the hallway.

What was the deal? Since when did they have such weirdness between each other? Natalie decided to ponder these strange occurrences later. Right now the task at hand was more important.

Stottlemeyer stood in the grubby hallway waiting with Randy outside the door to the crime scene. Adrian
stopped in the doorway, assessing where he could step without disturbing anything. Natalie crept up behind him and tried to peek around. He stood up straight and looked at her out the corner of his eye. She gave him a no-nonsense look. With that, they entered the room.

Stottlemeyer's voice rumbled in the background as he walked Monk through what had been gathered and what was known about the building. Monk commenced detecting, making a mental inventory of the contents and the layout of the room. He was trying not to let the grisly scene in front of him distract his process.

Natalie was more than a little sickened; there was blood everywhere. The sunlight from the window illuminated this room much better than downstairs, casting a yellow glow on the surroundings. It was as if the killer had emptied the poor woman's body of blood and painted the dingy room with it. There were odd-looking symbols on the wall and floor, with the victim's body lying hapharzardly in the middle of the room like she been thrown there after her throat was cut. Natalie hoped Adrian would solve this quickly. She averted her eyes from the sight, instead concentrating on Randy's shoes.

Adrian looked back at Natalie. She was standing there with her arms crossed, looking like she couldn't believe what she had seen. It was a good thing this case was going to be easy to solve; he had a pretty good idea what had happened already. It was just a matter of labwork now.


Posted by: tookish_girl (tookish_girl)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 01:11 am (UTC)
this chapter is full of errors
Monk by thelightbox_x

note to self: beta your stuff better next time, moron.

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